Jack Fallon the CEO and architect of total life changes had an interesting start in network Marketing.  Starting out in his families’ garage, he not only had the ability but obvious resources to give people to give a better life.  At least to those that share his vision.  Fallon in contrast is very similar to Bill Gates.  Understanding that successes only measurable on what you are able to give back.

Jack Fallon

CEO and Creator of Total Life Changes Jack Fallon

Fallon was raised in the Midwest where like many, was exposed to hard work, the importance of family, and giving a helping hand when others are in need.  Like many in the Midwest, he started in the automotive industry, but he believed that something else was his true calling.  Fortunes would turn when a few co-workers became involved in the home based business industry and was encouraged to learn more.  The concept of being his own boss was something that appealed however; he needed to be all in with the concept.  Fallon stated, “If I was to reach my goal of helping others with their health and financial wellness, I would need to create the company myself.”


What Total Life Changes wants to create is a culture through products that are affordable.  Fallon truly believes on a concept of global affordability.  To put in differently, Total Life Changes products to be affordable in every market they do business.  Why is this important?  Traditionally in the network marketing business model, the products and services offered to the public are often overpriced. Thus, not making all the products affordable in every market a company does business.


Jack Fallon

Keeping Transparency is one of the Pillars of Success of Total Life Changes.

Of course, Multi-Level Marketing companies thrive on the ability of business builder’s ability to create a customer base and identify other business builders.  This is accomplished through a transparent business model, which Total Life Changes has accomplished.  Transparency is the key in everything senior leaders have created.  Transparency is the driving force behind the product line, affordability, and compensation.  Senior Management truly believes they have enjoyed success because of his transparent model.

Jack Fallon is truly a visionary among his peers in the direct selling industry.  As many before him in the health and wellness niche, he has given people a way to prosper.  He created a business in Total Life Changes, which enables distributors a means to build a business based on helping people.   Through empowerment, this will increase the company’s market share and make a clear footprint in the industry.




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