Iaso Tea Instant – The New Kid On The Block Is Making Waves!!

Iaso Tea InstantIaso Instant Tea is the newest product offering from Total Life Changes and if pre-orders are any indication of just how well this is going to be selling than you better watch out because we have a home run on our hands!

In previous Iaso Tea Reviews we’ve learned that the full line of Total Life Changes Products have not only produced incredible health and wellness for the consumer but they have been absolutely explosive when it comes to the actual business building part of the equation bringing in record breaking sales volume over the course of the last 12 months.

What’s The Iaso Tea Instant Advantage?

There’s really a very simple word that sums this question up and that’s.. convenience!!

Here’s the bottom line: even though our Original Iaso Tea has produced too many success stories with folks losing 10, 20, 40, even 100 lbs plus, the one hindrance that some folks felt was the fact that you had to make it before in gallon sized batches.

Well guess what? The new Iaso Instant Tea packets take care of that for you! With the new Iaso Tea Instant packaging you’re actually going to be receiving your tea in 60 easy to carry packets so whether you’re simply at home relaxing from a long day’s work and want something refreshing to drink that can also empower you to lose weight, feel great, and detoxify your body or you’re on the go taking care of business you can now have your tea anywhere!

Iaso Instant Tea is finally here!!! Here’s what you need to know.



To order some Iaso Tea Instant for yourself make sure to click the button below. You can pick up some of our world famous Original Iaso Tea, our Slim PM, or anything else that you might like:


Got questions? You can drop them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them if possible.

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  1. YESSSSS! I just drank my Instant IASO Tea and it is amazingly tasty and no more waiting!!!!

  2. Stanecia Graham says:

    i lost 6lbs in 3 days!

  3. I love this tea!!!

  4. Wow…This looks awesome!! I will need to get some of this Iaso Tea Instant!

  5. Sakshi Zion says:

    This looks really healthy and can help me stay in good fitness!

  6. Jason A Smallwood says:

    Alright… I’m sold! I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz online about this tea for a long time (mainly hot, bikini clad, women on Instagram ), and I was very interested (in the tea). But the gallon jug thing turned me off. With the convenience of the individual packets, though, it’s a no brainer. Thanks John!

    • John "Blaze" Chatman says:

      Ha!! Love that comment Jason.
      On a personal basis I love the bikini chics for sure but that’s Instagram right?
      It’s pretty cool that we now can access the tea whenever and wherever we want.

      Thanks for stopping by partner.

  7. Can’t wait to get my hands on the packets of tea as I’m always on the go. So having the benefits and getting the results individual tea packs would be amazing. Whiling I’m on the run.

  8. The instructions say recommended twice a day, does this mean, two bottles of instant iao tea per day, or one bottle divided into two drinks please

    • John "Blaze" Chatman says:

      Hi Faye!
      So it’s actually two bottles of tea per day. I just empty a packet into my 16 oz water bottle and shake it up twice a day.

      It tastes great and works. So far I’ve dropped 10lbs.


  9. I lost 9 pounds with Iaso Tea. It is great for weight loss!

  10. Deborah Crichlow says:

    How should the instant te be taken, one pack/day or two packs/day? Do you drink the entire pck the same or over a period of time?

  11. I would like to purchase some, but the authentic brand nothing else.

    Please let me know.

    Mrs Stewart

  12. Is the instant tea suitable for ceoliacs?

    • John "Blaze" Chatman says:

      Hey Corinne,

      The tea contains no gluten so it shouldn’t be an issue.
      My son actually has that issue and he’s tried the tea without any issues.

      Let me know when you pick up your order and I’ll add you to our customer group on Facebook.

  13. this tea really works I tried it last year I was shocked I lost 5pounds in 5days I jus brought the instant tea ……this shit really works!!!!!! brooklym ny!

  14. Chanel Simpson says:

    Just started taking the instant tea i just want to make sure im taking it right ive been taking one bottle in the morning a half hour before breakfast and another bottle a half hour before dinner this is my third day

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