Nutra Burst Liquid Vitamin- Does It Really Work

Nutra Burst Liquid Vitamin A Burst Of Health You Can Feel 

Does Nutra Burst really work? What is the #1 way to give your body the best gift of health and all the important nutrients it needs on a daily basis?nutra-burst-total-life-changes

A balanced nutritional diet is extremely important. There is no secret that to live a healthy and long life we need to give the our bodies what it needs on a daily basis.

Our body are just like an expensive car, if you put bad fuel inside of it, not only will it have problems running at peak performance your body won’t last all that long in good shape either.

Bad news 

Most people only start eating healthy because they have a reason to do so… they go to the doctor and something is said in there that hits them like a ton of bricks.


They start to feel their bodies slowing down from all the years of eating bad and not maybe taking care of ourselves as we should.

Maybe you’ve been exercising and eating good, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it either as your body is lacking nutrients it needs.

Many people want to be health and eat better, but it seems like it ends up being a chore and inconvenience. They have to take time out of their busy schedule to go and buy healthy food and then still cook them.

You might be motivated to make this effort a few times, but when you have to do this every week. Most people fall off the healthy eating bandwagon sooner then later.

Confused Where To Start?

It seems like every day a new study pops up that says this is bad for our health or this very good for it.

With so much information at our finger tips and so much of it contradiction itself. Who do you trust and listen to?

It’s no wonder why people get information overload and sometimes simply just give up on the journey of good health and go back the his or her old habits of unhealthy eating.

Unhealthy food is normally cheaper than good healthy food or even organic healthy food, which is why not everyone can afford to go on a healthy diet.

When money is tight most people just go get cheap food instead of get good food.

Not everyone can afford to spend 100’s of dollars on buying health food every week.

What’s Next

Most of us who struggle to eat healthy now realize we should and need to be taking a multivitamin to fill in the gaps our nutrient life changes

We go to the supplement store and buy a few bottles of multivitamins in the hope that those pills and capsules will get our bodies working and functioning again.

So many people are using them daily and you see them advertised everywhere.

They must be good and working right?


While these pills are a billion dollar industry. Most of these pills do nothing to improve your health and give you any of the claimed health benefits we all take them for.

A study was published in the December 2013 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine journal proved it.

In essence most of these multivitamins are nothing more than ‘placebo pills’.

Let’s say you actually choose the right brand which does actually contain nutritional value. You must know that your body will only absorb 10-15% of a pill’s nutrition.This is a HUGE reduction when compared to the nutrients you get from regular intake of healthy food.


Compare this to the fact that you get as much as 98% absorption and the nutritional benefits from a whole food liquid formula like NutraBurst and those pills seem like the worst option.

Nutra Burst- Advantage

Nutraburst is a liquid multivitamin and is a whole-food and mineral-intensive formula concentrate.

Nutraburst liquid vitamin is packed with a full spectrum of minerals and vitamins. It supplies your body with all the vitamins and nutrients body needs on a daily basis.

A huge advantage of Nutra Burst is it’s a liquid vitamin. Liquid vitamins absorb much quicker and have 98% absorption rate!

Remember capsules, tablets and pills only have a 15% to 20% absorption rate.

Nutra Burst- Nutrients Over View 

  • 98% Absorption rate!nutra burst
  • 72 Minerals
  • 19 Amino Acids
  • 12 Herbs
  • 3 Whole-Foods Greens
  • Antioxidants
  • Ellagic Acid
  • Multi-fiber complex
  • 22 Phytonutrients from Fruits and Vegetables

This power house of a liquid vitamin supplies your body with all the vitamins and nutrients body needs on a daily basis.

All in one tablespoon and is equivalent to eating 10 salads!

Nutra Burst is an amazing product. A vitamin you can actually feel that is working as it a concentrated blast of nutrients that actually gets absorbed.

Nutra Burst make it easy for adults as well as kids to get in their daily nutrient needs as it is a liquid form. Making especially easy for those who have a difficult time swallowing traditional supplements.

You get all the benefits of eating healthy and organic as well as quick and easy.

This is what you can expect with Nutra Burst

  • 98% Absorption Feel that you’ve taken a multivitamin
  • Heals your body from years of unhealthy eating
  • Drastically increases the amount of energy available to you
  • Makes you feel less tired
  • Less stressed
  • Better productivity

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