Total Life Changes Review: The New Distributor Kit


Making A decision to Join an Business Opurtunity is not an easy one, get an amazing Total Life Changes Review Here

Making A decision to Join an Business Opportunity is not an easy one, get an amazing Total Life Changes Review Here

If people work in network marketing long enough, distributors do notice on which  senior leaders walk the walk and talk the talk.  You will also see the low quality leaders from sub par companies occasionally preach this and that, and become the rock stars of their yearly event; after which they hide and go on vacation until next year.  Luckily, for distributors here at Total Life Changes we have a leadership team that live and breathe self-development and consistency.  Leaders within TLC defiantly practice what they preach! A good example of leadership’s commitment of self-development and consistency is found in the welcome kit.  This Total Life Changes Review will take a good look at an important element found within the new Distributor kit. 

The Welcome Kit is Full of Surprises

Total Life Changes Review

One of The Best Books about Self Development

I have seen three network marketing/MLM welcome packages during my time in the internet marketing.  Just like all welcome packages, our kit for new distributors has its share of pamphlets and information on products, how to build a down line, and crucial company policies.  The TLC welcome package does have all of what was described above; however, they do provide is critical insight on the companies drive on self-development among their distributor corps.  By providing a self-improvement book.  Not Just any book.  One that gave me the skill sets to turn the corner and make a life with marketing!

The Compound Effect, from Daren Hardy, is a book that in my humble opinion is required reading for any aspiring entrepreneur that is serious in making those small changes in mental attitude and process that if followed will put you on the “Yellow Brick Road” of Success.  No, it is not a how to book on network marketing. Rather this book is a road map of changes you can make to be successful for the serious business builder.  While holding this book a thought came to mind that the Leaders of TLC really do understand what building blocks distributors need to be successful in our industry.

The Lower Level Leaders Rock as Well! 

The biggest shortcomings in network/MLM marketing is the development of skills to prospect outside the “warm” market.  Luckily, I got extraordinarily lucky in that department, when I hooked up with the Total Life Changes Reviewed Blog Team.  This group teaches on a daily basis how to drive and create content on a level I have never witnessed since working in marketing.  In my opinion, in this total life changes review, people interested in internet and network marketing, should take a serious look at this opportunity.



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